Season 3

Breaking away from the funnel

In this episode, Pierre-Loic sits down with Tiffani Carter, VP of Integrated Marketing at Thrive Causemetics, to discuss Tiffani’s transition to her new role (from Shiseido to Thrive Causemetics), the collapse of the marketing funnel, and the essential role influencers now play in driving conversion. 

“I’m excited to break away from the funnel. To break it apart and to think differently in terms of how we are reaching consumers for the long haul.” - Tiffani Carter, VP of Integrated Marketing at Thrive Causemetics 

During the conversation, Tiffani shares

  • The value in fostering a strong brand community 
  • The need for data to make decisions
  • The collapse of the marketing funnel - and what that means moving forward.
  • The correlation between eCommerce and influencer marketing (hint: creators are at the core!)
  • How to scale without breaking the magic of the brand
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Guest info

Tiffani Carter
Tiffani Carter
VP of Integrated Marketing, Thrive Causemetics
With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Tiffani Carter is a passionate brand-builder who focuses on wielding an arsenal of integrated marketing strategies to bring messages to consumers. Formerly leading digital strategies as Vice President of Integrated Communications at Shiseido, Tiffani has now taken her expertise to lead communications, creative and cause marketing engagement at Thrive Causemetics - the luxury beauty brand that gives back.

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