Season 3

The power of the creator

In this episode, Pierre-Loic sits down with Chira Schaad, VP of Content and Services at L’Oréal, to discuss how L’Oréal is approaching social commerce and what new platforms the company is testing. Chira will lay out the definition of social commerce at L’Oréal and explain the nuances of creators (hint: not every creator should sell for your brand). 

"Really allow [creators] to sell for you in their own way because when it becomes forced that’s when things fall apart.” - Chira Schaad, VP of Content and Services at L’Oréal

During the conversation, Chira shares

  • How L’Oréal tests and leans into solutions that make sense (i.e. L’Oréal’s Pinterest Pilot)
  • How brands can help creators by being authentic 
  • The future of the customer experience of buying beauty products
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Guest info

Chira Schaad
Chira Schaad
VP of Content and Services, L’Oréal
Chira Schaad is a natural leader with extensive digital, mobile, social, and brand marketing knowledge. She leads the Content and Services teams at L’Oréal where she is able to flex her strengths in developing experiences and consumer engagement through immersive content, integrated marketing, and a mobile-first mentality.

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