Season 3

Being brave on TikTok, Part 1

This conversation was too juicy, so we had to split it into two parts! In this episode (part 1), Pierre-Loic sits down with Amy Oelkers and Dustin Goot to discuss how TikTok differs from other social platforms and how your brand should approach creators on TikTok. 

“It’s actually what we talk about with our clients today. Bravery is huge. You have to be brave to come on our platform and release control, especially for CPG clients and traditional clients. Releasing control to the hands of an unknown is scary but the payoff and the reward is sky’s the limit.” - Amy Oelkers, Vertical Director of CPG, Global Business Solutions at TikTok

During the conversation, Dustin and Amy share

  • How TikTok makes creators feel safe 
  • How creators and brands need to be brave on the platform
  • How to approach creators with your brand’s story and values

Want to hear the whole conversation? Click here to listen to part 2!

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Guest info

Amy Oelkers
Amy Oelkers
Director of CPG, Global Business Solutions, TikTok
Amy Oelkers is the Vertical Director for CPG at TikTok. In her role, Amy is responsible for overseeing the US partnerships between TikTok and the industries that make up CPG: Beauty, Food + Beverage, and Personal Care + Home. Amy joins TikTok with 20+ years experience building and leading some of the most prominent content brands in the industry. Prior to joining TikTok, Amy was Head of Revenue at Conde Nast where she oversaw American Fashion, Retail + Luxury. In addition, she was previously VP of Revenue at Vogue, Head of Revenue at Teen Vogue, and held various leadership roles (Allure, Glamour, Vanity Fair, SELF, OWN). Recognizing the rapid evolution of the media industry and shift in brand relevance, Amy joined TikTok in March 2021. She is connecting TikTok's unique platform and storytelling formats with CPG partners to create meaningful impact to the millions of authentic, come-as-you-are, be-as-you are community members. Outside of work, Amy lives in Ridgewood, NJ with her husband (Robin), her 3 children (Molly, Ryan and Mason) and their 2 dogs (Bill Murray + Guinness).
Dustin Goot
Dustin Goot
Head of Creator Solutions, TikTok
Dustin Goot is Head of Creator Solutions at TikTok, where he oversees programs to foster successful collaborations between brands and agencies and TikTok creators. Previously, Goot led influencer marketing teams at ZEFR and Fullscreen. He has managed the development of software-based creator discovery tools; scaled operations teams to support creator-driven marketing services; and developed a variety of first-to-market, creator-led brand solutions. He has directed strategy and execution for hundreds of cross-platform influencer campaigns for clients including Coca-Cola, Samsung, Honda, Conagra, 20th Century Fox and Taco Bell. Goot has an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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