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The power of influencers is on the rise, thanks to the central role that social media and the creator economy now play in consumer life. There’s an overarching sense that influencers impact consumers — but what impact exactly?

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How do influencers and social platforms affect content consumption, brand affinity, and purchase behavior?

We asked
1000 Consumers &
500 Marketers

What social media platforms do you use regularly? Which content types do you find most engaging? Which social platforms are you most likely to purchase products from? What factors play into your purchase decisions? And more…

The top 5 most used social media platforms, according to both Gen Z and Millennial consumers:

1. YouTube

2. Instagram

3. Facebook

4. TikTok

5. Snapchat

Our data-driven approach gave us a clear focus for YouTube in the coming year — create long-form, educational content that will build credibility amongst beauty enthusiasts.

Erin Kelly
Director of integrated communications

Of consumers find short videos to be the most engaging content type

However, while Gen Z respondents chose long videos were the second most engaging type, Millennials chose photos.


Of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that work with influencers they know

Similarly, 82% of marketers at least somewhat agree that influencer marketing has successfully driven sales.

The Top 5 most used social platforms for purchasing products, ranked by consumers:

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

3. YouTube

4. TikTok

5. Pinterest


Of consumers said they would pay a higher price for a product if the brand aligns with their values

Now more than ever, brands should be considering how to bring their audience together and examine the societal impact they can truly have

Tiffani D. Carter
Vice President of Integrated Marketing
Thrive Causemetics

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